Inspirational Reading

Welcome to Psychic Revelation's inspirational reading section. At times we all need inspiration.


A Father's Will:

The love of a father for his son.


Life Is:

What is life? Life is many different things to many different people. No. It isn't fair. But... who said it was?


The Butterfly:

Why life can sometimes be a struggle and why we need that struggle to become who we are capable of being.


The Gold Box:

Just because a box is empty doesn't mean there's nothing in it!


The Little Angel:

Who is the barefoot and dirty little girl sitting in the park? And why is she there?


The Ultimate Test:

Sometimes battle isn't the greatest test a soldier can face.


Things Aren't Always What They Seem:

Find out why two angels seem to be fighting.



Just what is today going to be like for you?