The psychic ability of clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing" and is the gift of seeing visions, images, or pictures. For a clairvoyant, seeing psychic information is something like watching a movie. This information comes in through the third eye, which is located in the middle of the forehead.

Everyone has a third eye, psychics are those that have developed the ability to use it. Again, like clairaudience, a lot of information in the way of visuals can be coming through at once.

A clairvoyant receives the information in the form of pictures. Obviously the most important (and often most difficult part) is to interpret these pictures correctly in the way that they refer to the client. It is very easy, especially for a beginner, to misinterpret the information received. Often the meaning may not be clear at all and the clairvoyant will need to describe in detail exactly what they are seeing. It may, in fact, be immediately clear to the client whereas it makes no sense to the clairvoyant. Many clairvoyants will actually do both as a matter of course. That way it is unlikely that the message will be missed or misinterpreted. Not all visions are symbolic however. Sometimes the vision may simply be an event that has happened (or will happen) within the client's life. There is usually still a message there but it is not one that necessarily needs to be "decoded".

As with any psychic reading if something doesn't seem right to you - say so! You will get a much better reading that way and there will be much less chance of misinterpretation.