Psychic Abilities

There are many different opinions as to what a psychic is, what a psychic does, and just what constitutes a psychic ability. Some psychic abilities are very well known and indeed are what most people think of. Probably the best known is clairvoyance (literally clear seeing) with ESP and intuition not far behind.

To label a psychic as a clairvoyant is not wrong (in most cases) but does not tell the whole truth. Most psychics have a mixture of abilities. But they do not necessarily have them all. Some may be clairaudient (clear hearing) only, some may be clairsentient (clear knowing) and some by the strict definition of what a psychic ability is may be none of them. Although most psychics are empaths to a degree not all are. Equally, being an empath, does not necessarily make you a psychic in the accepted sense of the word. Yet it is undoubtedly a psychic ability. So is telepathy and yet that is a very rare ability. Very, very few psychics have it. It's a discipline in its own right.

Most people are psychic to a degree whether they realize it or not. Most have never tried to develop their abilities and probably never will. It's easier than it looks to do so and yet at the same time it's harder than you might think. many people who do dip a toe in the water so to speak, do so because they like the idea of being able to use their ability to read for themselves. And that's where it usually all goes wrong. It takes years of discipline and training to be able to accurately and objectively read for yourself. Some will eventually be able to do so, most will not. It's one of the main reasons we get so many psychic readers coming to us for a reading. It is almost impossible to be objective about your own wishes and desires and hence information gets misinterpreted.

Intuition is a little different however. Most people have a "feeling" about something at some time or another in their life and that feeling turns out to be 100% correct. That feeling is in fact your intuition doing its job. The difference is that your intuition is warning you about the present (and hopefully stopping you from making a mistake that will affect your future) rather than trying to determine a future outcome.

Psychic abilities are a fascinating subject and everyone should take the opportunity to develop their own, even if only a little. Think of it as fine-tuning your intuition. You may never be able to predict an outcome in the way a trained psychic would but at least with a little effort you know that your intuition will be firing on all four cylinders.

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