Dice Interpretation

There are many methods of casting the dice. Some require a circle to be drawn Usually about 12" in diameter), others suggest casting onto a plate or into a bowl. Some methods use one die, some two or three dice.

Whichever method you choose if any of the dice should roll outside the circle (or off the plate) then that particular die (or dice) is ignored. Should all the dice be outside the circle or off the plate then do not try and do any more casting that day. Below we have listed some brief meanings for casting three dice. Two different interpretation styles and meanings are shown.

Method 1:

  1. The cast has no meaning.
  2. The cast has no meaning.
  3. Imminent good luck and/or a wish fulfilled.
  4. A setback will cause disappointment.
  5. A stranger brings new happiness.
  6. A new blessing comes disguised.
  7. Beware of gossip.
  8. Confusion may cause unwise decisions.
  9. Success in love and/or reconciliation.
  10. Success in career and finance is imminent.
  11. Short-term illness causes you anxiety.
  12. Seek advice regarding legal documents.
  13. Self-pity will cause delays or problems.
  14. Socializing may bring excitement.
  15. Follow your intuition about false friends.
  16. A short journey brings profit and/or pleasure.
  17. A stranger from overseas brings a proposition.
  18. Happiness, financial success and a rise in status.


Method 2:

  1. A new arrival, a baby or an unexpected sum of money.
  2. A road that forks two ways, but the longest is best.
  3. A pleasant surprise and the granting of wishes.
  4. A disappointment.
  5. A stranger coming will bring happiness.
  6. A material loss, but an increase in spiritual wealth.
  7. Gossip should be ignored.
  8. An unwise course that will lead to blame.
  9. Joy in love, possibly a wedding.
  10. Happiness, a meeting that will bring new opportunities.
  11. Illness or unhappiness in someone close will be resolved.
  12. A letter needing a decision - seek good advice.
  13. Tears and sorrow.
  14. A new admirer who will soon become close.
  15. Avoid being drawn into intrigue or trouble by others.
  16. A pleasant and profitable journey, avoid delays.
  17. Journeys or dealings overseas will be advantageous.
  18. A great profit or promotion within a short period.