Cleromancy is divination using dominoes, dice, or casting lots. Dice and dominoes have been around for many centuries. Although the exact origins of divination usage are unknown it is known dominoes and dice were used for divination purposes in China as long ago as the 12th century.

Dice and dominoes have been used for many centuries for divination and are possibly two of the oldest methods of divination in existence. Although dice and dominoes are used to foretell the future they are very simplistic in their approach.

Although dice have remained relatively unchanged in that time there have been several changes to dominoes. Originally there were 32 tiles and the spots were both black and red. By the turn of the 19th century dominoes had arrived in Europe and the colored dots were dropped in favour of black only. Blank tiles were also added at this time.

Today's domino sets consist of twenty-eight tiles, in pairs from blank/blank to six/six although some sets do have more.