Dominoes Interpretation

Using dominoes for divination is a fairly straightforward process. Simply lay the dominoes face down on the table in front of you and mix them up. Concentrate on your question until you feel the time is right and then select three or four tiles that speak to you from the set. A brief interpretation of each tile is given below.

Blank/Blank: This is a time of new energy from the Universe and new beginnings for you. Open yourself to this energy and they will lead you in a new direction with great potential.

Blank/One: The new beginning is underway. This is a time to be aware and to make sure that the direction you are heading in is what you really desire.

One/One: This is the perfect synchronicity of two people working together toward one cause. There is no stopping the focused vision of the One/One. You cannot fight the One/One.

Blank/Two: This indicates the opportunity for new partnerships and new friendships. Open your heart to this energy for it usually means that a life partner is on the horizon.

One/Two: This is a time of new knowledge and integration for your higher self. You will come to understand your true purpose and why you are on this earth.

Two/Two: This is a time of coming together in pairs. Although this can refer to life partners it can also indicate twins or multiple births. It can also indicate a spiritual closeness with the creator.

Blank/Three: The Universe is now offering you the chance for a deep integration of the whole self. Body, Mind and Soul or Soul, Spirit and Creator. Take this opportunity now.

One/Three: This indicates a psychic awakening for you. It could be clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience. It could also be any combination or all three.

Two/Three: This domino indicates a challenge to the workings of your physical life. It shows a time of confusion and a need to centre yourself and determine a clear intent and plan.

Three/Three: If you have felt confused about an issue realize that what you need to know is being made available to you. The time is here to make a decision and the choice will be obvious.

Blank/Four: This is a time of balance, perfect balance in fact. Even if you thought that you and life were already balanced, think again! You are in for a pleasant surprise.

One/Four: There is a need for balance within you. The great turbulence you experience needs to change. Although the challenge and change may be painful know that they are beneficial.

Two/Four: You have the opportunity for growth. Don't let it pass you by. Learn everything you have the chance to learn so that you have a deeper understanding of just what the truth is.

Three/Four: Time to carry on with the spiritual work that has taken second place while you have been taking care of the physical aspects of your life. Don't let others hold you back from this path.

Four/Four: This is a time to think for yourself. Too many people, too many opinions. You cannot live life or make decisions based on the opinions and attitudes of all these other people.

Blank/Five: This is a time for family. It is also the perfect time to start a family. And a happy family you will be! It is also a good time for family re-unions.

One/Five: You have been doing so much on your own. There will be another to help share this burden with you. When help is offered, accept it gracefully.

Two/Five: You are being given messages from spirit in your dreams. It is important that you pay attention and make notes on all your dreams. Valuable knowledge is being offered.

Three/Five: There is an anger within you and it needs to be released. Keeping your mouth shut is doing you more harm than good. Ask spirit for help with the healing.

Four/Five: Don't be reckless with your choices. Every choice you make affects others as well as you. This is not a time to think once and act. Think twice. Think three times and be sure you're right.

Five/Five: This is a time of new awareness, of looking at things from a new perspective. Maybe you have something new to offer the world or to pass on to the younger generation.

Blank/Six: This is a time for growth at all levels. It is, however, an especially good time for growth and expansion within the physical world.Good fortune will attend almost any endeavor.

One/Six: Too many things have been delayed for too long. Now is the time to compete some of those projects that you have put off. You will feel better when they are done.

Two/Six: You have only glimpsed the possibilities and scratched at the surface of your personal potential. It is time to reach for and attain higher spiritual goals.

Three/Six: Confusing times again, but... the answer is within you if you only choose to go within and explore the pros and cons of current circumstances.

Four/Six: What goes around, comes around. All the energies that you have put into the Universe will come back to you. With the same intent with which they were originally sent.

Five/Six: This is the reward for following a true path. All the hardships and difficulties will be a thing of the past. It is also a time of fertility so if you've been trying for a child this is the time.

Six/Six: This is a time of resolution to a long and difficult issue. Whether this is leaving your job, leaving a partner or whatever. Now is the time. The doors of opportunity await you.