Crystal Properties - Orange Aragonite

Orange Aragonite
Color: Orange to brown.


  • Associated Crystals: Orange calcite and orange celestine.
  • Candle Color: Orange or golden brown.
  • Chakra: Sacral.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Flowers & Plants: Clematis, honeysuckle and wisteria.
  • Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Cedar, clary sage, pine and wheatgerm.
  • Planet: Saturn.
  • Zodiac: Capricorn.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

  • Animals: It should be carried when training animals, especially horses.
  • Children: Orange aragonite will help to curb impatience in children.
  • Environment: -
  • Finance & Prosperity: -
  • Health & Healing: It can be used for healing many parts of the body, but especially for ovaries and the prostate gland. It is also very good for anyone suffering from frayed nerves or temper, particularly if caused by a lack of rest or irregular meal breaks.
  • Home: It will help family members to improve timekeeping and can also be used for those who are fond of procrastination.
  • Love: -
  • Protection: -
  • Psychic: Orange aragonite will help amplify the effects of smudging.
  • It Is The Stone Of: Anyone suffering from tardiness and healers.
  • Ritual: Use orange aragonite to help focus environmentally friendly rituals. It should also be used in medicine wheel rituals.
  • Work: It will help you to improve time keeping within the workplace.
  • Other: -


Please note: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.