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  • Crystal Properties & Uses

    Crystals and stones have been around literally since the dawn of time and since the dawn of mankind they have been used by the human race in numerous ways. They have been used by all sorts of people during that time but especially by healers and shamans. Nowadays their usage is far more widespread and they are used by people from all walks of life who recognize the properties and power of crystals.

    Below you will find a list of all crystals and stones that we currently cover. Simply click on the link to view the metaphysical properties of the one that you are interested in. You will be able to find out which crystals and stones can be used with animals and children, which can be used with the environment, which ones are suitable for healing, which are suitable for charms or talismans, and which ones have psychic or protective capabilities.

    Please note that associated health and healing and properties are in no way meant to replace a medical diagnosis. Always consult your physician for a medical problem.


    Agate - Banded/Zebra Diamond Obsidian - Snowflake  
    Agate - Blue Lace Diopside Obsidian - Yellow  
    Agate - Green Moss Dioptase Olivine  
    Agate - Red Emerald Onyx - Black  
    Agate - Tree Falcon's Eye Opal - Fire  
    Alexandrite Fluorite - Clear Opal - White  
    Amazonite Fluorite - Green Pearl - Black  
    Amber Fluorite - Purple Pearl - White  
    Amethyst Fuchsite Peridot  
    Ametrine Garnet - Green Petrified Wood  
    Angelite Garnet - Red Pietersite  
    Apache Tear Goldstone - Blue Prehnite  
    Apatite Goldstone - Brown Quartz - Blue  
    Apophyllite Hawk's Eye Quartz - Clear  
    Aqua Aura Heliotrope Quartz - Rainbow  
    Aquamarine Hematite Quartz - Rose  
    Aragonite - Blue Howlite - Blue Quartz - Rutilated  
    Aragonite - Orange Howlite - Natural Quartz - Smoky  
    Aragonite - Yellow Iolite Quartz - Tourmalated  
    Aventurine - Blue Iron Pyrites Rhodocrosite  
    Aventurine - Green Jade Rhodonite  
    Aventurine - Red Jadeite Rhyolite  
    Azurite Jasper - Brachiated Ruby  
    Bloodstone Jasper - Brown Ruby In Zoisite  
    Bowenite Jasper - Dalmatian Sapphire - White  
    Calcite - Blue Jasper - Green Sardonyx  
    Calcite - Green Jasper - Leopardskin Schalenblende  
    Calcite - Orange Jasper - Orbicular Scolecite  
    Calcite - Pink Jasper - Red Selenite - White  
    Calcite - Yellow Jasper - Sea Serpentine  
    Calcopyrite Jasper - Yellow Sodalite  
    Carnelian Jet Spectrolite  
    Cavansite Kunzite Staurolite  
    Celestine - Blue Kyanite Stilbite  
    Celestine - Orange Labradorite Sunstone  
    Celestite - Blue Lapis Lazuli Tanzanite  
    Celestite - Orange Lepidolite Tektite  
    Chalcedony - Blue Malachite - Green Tiger Eye - Blue  
    Chalcedony - Pink Meteorite Tiger Eye - Brown/Gold  
    Charoite Moldavite Tiger Eye - Red  
    Chiastolite Mookaite Topaz - Blue  
    Chondrite Moonstone Topaz - Golden  
    Chrysoberyl - Yellow Moonstone - Black Tourmaline - Black  
    Chrysocolla Moonstone - Rainbow Tourmaline - Watermelon  
    Chrysoprase Mother-Of-Pearl Tsavorite  
    Citrine Nephrite Turquoise  
    Copper Obsidian - Black Unakite  
    Coral - Blue Obsidian - Blue Aqua Uvarovite  
    Danburite Obsidian - Cobalt Blue Verdite  
    Desert Rose Obsidian - Green Zinc