Crystal Properties - Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite
Color: Pale to mid-blue. Sometimes with white veins.


  • Associated Crystals: Angelite, blue lace agate
  • Candle Color: Silver.
  • Chakra: Throat.
  • Element: Water.
  • Flowers & Plants: Bluebell, sea lavender and speedwell.
  • Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Ambergris, jasmine, mimosa, rose and violet.
  • Planet: Moon.
  • Zodiac: Cancer.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

  • Animals: Blue calcite is good for use with any bad-tempered animal.
  • Children: It can be used to help keep teenagers away from bad influences or company. It will help children who are learning to swim.
  • Environment: -
  • Finance & Prosperity: -
  • Health & Healing: It can be used for hormonal headaches, menopausal hot flushes, neuralgia and sore throats. It is also very good for strengthening teeth and bones, and the treatment of burns, fevers, scalds and sunburn. It will generally promote speedy healing, especially of wounds.
  • Home: Blue calcite should be placed on any ledge close to a point of entry to your home (doors and windows) to help protect against crime.
  • Love: -
  • Protection: It will help deter thieves.
  • Psychic: Blue calcite spheres are great for scrying. It will also aid bowl scrying if placed within whatever liquid you are using. It will help to bring about creative dreams and is useful for meditation.
  • It Is The Stone Of: Crime prevention officers, mediators, negotiators, priests, race and equality workers and anyone undergoing menopause.
  • Ritual: -
  • Work: Use blue calcite during delicate negotiations.
  • Other: It is a wish stone.
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Please note: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.