Crystal Properties - Blue Celestine

Blue Celestine
Color: Pale to mid-blue, also white and occasionally green.


  • Associated Crystals: Angelite, blue topaz, and chrysocolla.
  • Candle Color: Light blue.
  • Chakra: Throat.
  • Element: Air.
  • Flowers & Plants: Narcissus, periwinkle, and starflower.
  • Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Chamomile, eucalyptus, vervain, vetivert, and vanilla.
  • Planet: Jupiter.
  • Zodiac: Libra.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

  • Animals: Use it to help a rescued animal to trust humans again or an injured animal to recover its strength and well-being.
  • Children: Use blue celestine to help nervous children experience new activities and environments.
  • Environment: -
  • Finance & Prosperity: -
  • Health & Healing: Blue celestine helps to ease ear, eye, mouth, speech, and throat problems, as well as headaches. It can also be used to help relieve acute anxiety, OCD, and digestive disorders with stress as a factor.
  • Home: Blue celestine will help you break out of negativity.
  • Love: -
  • Protection: Blue celestine is protective for anyone interested in the new age, as it will protect you from less than spiritual vibes.
  • Psychic: Blue celestine is good for meditation and for channeling angels.
  • It Is The Stone Of: Actors and singers, or anyone that performs onstage.
  • Ritual: -
  • Work: Blue celestine will help you to actually hear what is being said, rather than what you think is being said.
  • Other: Sometimes called celestite.


Please note: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.