Crystals & Stones

Ask a geophysicist and they will tell you what enlightened people have known for thousands of years; gemstones, rocks, and crystals have vibrations that can be measured. Obviously, vibrations affect the world around them.

Accordingly, the use of crystals, gemstones, stones and rocks have been part of healing and other rituals and ceremonies since the beginning of recorded history. They have always played a part in magic, healing and psychic empowerment. In addition they have been popular throughout history as a fashion accessory, and in some cases an investment.

People use their stones and crystals in many ways; from formal, methodical rituals where a patient is “healed” by a person using stones and crystals in their physical energy field to keeping a stone in a pouch on their person, wearing it, or simply keeping it at home in a safe place or on an altar.

Gemstones are thought by some to be spiritual guides that focus energies and help individuals wearing them to be more balanced, more focused, and more in touch with their surroundings.

It is thought that gemstones, which are various forms of crystals, have an ability to focus universal energies. Specific gemstones, rocks, and crystals are used for specific purposes.

There are many crystals and stones available and there is no one "good for all" stone. Each has its own properties and powers. Each has its own uses.