Crystal Properties - Orbicular Jasper

Orbicular Jasper
Color: Light to dark green, sometimes with rhyolite or chalcedony inclusions.


  • Associated Crystals: Bloodstone, leopardskin jasper and moss agate.
  • Candle Color: Green.
  • Chakra: Heart.
  • Element: Earth and water.
  • Flowers & Plants: Sea lavender and water lily.
  • Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Chamomile, kelp, lotus and water mosses.
  • Planet: Earth.
  • Zodiac: Pisces.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

  • Animals: Orbicular jasper is good for cold-water and tropical fish.
  • Children: Orbicular jasper will help very young children and babies establish a good sleep routine.
  • Environment: Orbicular jasper can be used for healing polluted seas.
  • Finance & Prosperity: -
  • Health & Healing: Orbicular jasper helps with colds and flu or any similar viral ailments.
  • Home: Orbicular jasper will help alleviate competition and rivalry.
  • Love: -
  • Protection: -
  • Psychic: Use orbicular jasper for visualizations and for working with sea spirits.
  • It Is The Stone Of: Rainmakers.
  • Ritual: -
  • Work: Orbicular jasper will help alleviate competition and rivalry.
  • Other: -


Please note: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.