Crystal Properties - Rhodonite

Color: Salmon pink to reddish pink with black patches or veins.


  • Associated Crystals: Pink chalcedony and rhodocrosite.
  • Candle Color: Rose pink.
  • Chakra: Heart.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Flowers & Plants: Carnation, poppy, pink rose and red rose.
  • Herbs - Incenses - Oils: African violet, angelica, rose and vervain.
  • Planet: Venus.
  • Zodiac: Aries.

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:

  • Animals: Use rhodonite to sooth any animal with a skin complaint or to soothe snakes and lizards in general.
  • Children: It can be used to help children shine. It is also useful in dealing with teenage tantrums.
  • Divination: In a reading, drawing rhodonite indicates that you should let go of the past. Your peace of mind is more important than pleasing others who will never consider what you do to be good enough.
  • Environment: -
  • Finance & Prosperity: -
  • Health & Healing: Rhodonite can be used to help heal scar tissue and wounds. Any skin condition such as lesions or ulcers may be improved by its use. It is also good for emotional scarring.
  • Home: Rhodonite can help family bitterness to heal. It helps to encourage patience when others are slow.
  • Love: -
  • Protection: Rhodonite can be used to ward off negativity and psychic attacks.
  • Psychic: Rhodonite can be used to ward off negativity and psychic attacks.
  • It Is The Stone Of: Musicians, peacekeepers, peacemakers, shift workers, singers and anyone in a service industry.
  • Ritual: -
  • Work: It is useful to carry at work to make sure your ability is suitably credited.
  • Other: -
  • See Our Rhodonite


Please note: Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.