Dream Dictionary Meaning For Abortion

Dreaming of abortion is relatively rare but does happen. If you are a woman who has had this experience in real life you are likely to have many dreams about it. Even though the dream may be disturbing or anxiety-provoking, it is a healing dream and you should treat it as such. Whatever the reason for the abortion there are often feelings of guilt attached and as such your dream is trying to help you to resolve these (sometimes unconscious) feelings.

It is much rarer for a man to have this particular dream. If you are a man it usually means that you are experiencing guilty feelings and may be anticipating failure of some kind, or that you are the cause of failure for someone else.

If you are a woman and have not had this experience (and have no need/plans to do so) but still dream of abortion, it may be a warning about your health or may indicate that you are feeling significant anxiety about current endeavors or situations.