Dream Dictionary Meaning For Angel

Dreaming of an angel or angels is not that uncommon and obviously any message that is given should be listened to. Sometimes this message may be very easy to understand but at other times it may be that you will need to interpret other concepts or symbols within the dream. If you do not understand what is being given to you don't worry. The dream will almost certainly be repeated with the message being given in a different way. Sometimes the message will be something you need to know (or understand) and act upon. Other times it may simply be a message of love and support.

There are times that you may dream of an angel and not even realize it just as many people never realize they are dreaming about God. Have you ever had a dream where you knew someone in the dream was a particular person (it may have been someone you are close to and know or knew well or perhaps someone that you have never met such as a public figure) even though they look absolutely nothing like the person you know them to be? This familiarity despite appearance is a sure sign that an angel is talking.

Angels are pure spiritual energy from a very high realm and do not often appear as characters that we popularly suppose them to resemble. That's not to say that they won't appear as we commonly regard them. Sometimes they will. Simply because you did not recognize them as they appeared to you before.