Dream Dictionary Meaning For Bath

Dreaming of taking a bath usually represents a need to undergo some form of cleansing. This is most often emotional, sometimes spiritual and on rare occasions physical.

This type of dream is most commonly experienced when your life is undergoing or has undergone a period of change. Usually quite a significant one.

The dream indicates that you may have a need to do some cleansing. This may be that old ideas, feelings, or even people are holding you back and that you need to cleanse yourself of their inhibiting factors. It may also be that some of your current thoughts or ideas are not good for you and that you need to release them.

If none of the above seem to make sense within the context of your dream it may be that it is simply a call for you to take the time to relax. Maybe you've been trying to do too much or working too hard. Sometimes it may be that you need to take step back from the fray and relax for a while before stepping back into it with renewed energy.