Dream Dictionary Meaning For Crow

Dream Dictionary - Crow
Dreaming of a crow or crows is not that common a dream. Most of us will go a whole lifetime and never have a crow appear in a dream or even a nightmare. Having said that crows do occasionally appear.

Many cultures identify the crow as a harbinger of death. In other words to see one is in indication that someone you know is about to die. The crow is frequently portrayed in movies and on TV in this role. This probably goes back to much earlier times when crows were some of the first animals to arrive at the scene of a big battle and feed on the corpses of the dead.

Although it is possible that your dream may indicate that someone is going to die it is very much more likely that it is nothing more than an indicator of change that will come about. Very often this will be change that you have little or no control over. The crow dream symbol should be thought of very much in the same way as the Tarot card Death. It is all about change and new beginnings.