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Dream Dictionary Non-IFrame Version - C


When you dream of a coffin, it indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and are concerned about loss, particularly the loss of a relationship. It can also point to separations and generalized fear and anxiety. It does NOT foretell the death of someone close. If you dream of the coffin of a specific person regardless of your feelings about this person in life, it points to fear of losing them and/or a conflict with them that desperately needs some attention. It does not mean that you necessarily wish the decedent in the dream any bad luck or harm.

To dream of your own coffin points to change that is currently happening or about to happen in your life. Again, dreams of this nature do NOT necessarily have anything to do with literal death for anyone that is dreamed about in this kind of a context.



Dreaming of a crossroad is nearly always a very straightforward dream to interpret. It is an indication that you have reached a point in your life and that you now have a choice to make as to which direction the rest of your life will be heading. You are being told that it is time to make a decision (an important one) and start a new stage to your journey of life. The crossroads can relate to different aspects of life such as your spiritual path, lovelife, career, moving etc. It could well be that some of these are interconnected.

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