Dream Dictionary Meaning For Desert

Dreaming of a desert usually means one of two things and the key to knowing which is to consider the feelings you had within the dream or upon waking and the scale of the desert itself.

If the desert was small and somewhat finite and your feelings were of "being lost" then it's an indication that you are feeling somewhat lost in your waking life and need to take steps to find your way out of the desert.

If, on the other hand, the desert is vast (verging on the infinite) and stretches as far as the eye can see and you have a feeling of being overwhelmed by such a large vista then it is quite possible that you are dreaming about God. Many times that a dream of this type is experienced all that remains with the dreamer is the feeling of vastness and being overwhelmed and nothing else. It is important to pay attention to any subsequent dreams to receive the message that was given (but missed) in the first dream.

It is also possible that you may dream about other vast vistas such as space or an ocean until you realize that the dream is about God.