Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation can be quite a daunting task initially. It's difficult to know where to start! If you haven't already done so, take a look at our dream journal (sometimes called a dream diary) section as this will give you a good starting point as to what sort of information you should be recording.

Very few people have the ability to clearly recall a dream without recording it. A common mistake is for a person to awake in the night from a dream and the dream itself is still vividly clear and hence no effort is made to record it. After all.. it's crystal clear in their mind. Trust us when we say it won't be in the morning. If they are lucky they will remember fragments (which could still be important in the context of interpretation) but most of it will be gone. Including content that might be very significant. Keep a journal and pen by your bedside and record the dream the moment you wake.

Dreams are often very convoluted in their content and this can make them difficult to interpret. There may be symbols (often something will stand out to you) within the dream which will help to give you a clue. Please note that there is no such thing as a symbol meaning that covers every single person who dreams. Two people could dream of the same symbol and yet the interpretation of that symbol may be very different between each person. Often the best clue as to what a symbol signifies can be found by considering how you felt during the dream and/or how you felt upon awaking from the dream.

Most dream dictionaries found online are useless. Simply because they make no distinction between dreamers. It is not uncommon to find a one word or one short sentence definition for a symbol. To assume that their defintion will apply to every single person who dreams of that symbol is not only presumptuous, but ludicrous. You will find that our own dream dictionary is somewhat different in that it usually gives more than one possibility. Which possibility is correct is up to you as the dreamer. If it feels right then it probably is right. No symbol definition should be taken as gospel. They are meant to "make you think" so that you can arrive at an interpretation that is right for you.

Another aspect of dreams that should not be overlooked when trying to arrive at an interpretation is the theme of the dream. Although symbols can be (and usually are) very important, a major clue is often found in the theme of a dream itself. Recording the "who, what, where, when, and how" of a dream in a dream journal or diary is your first step to understanding. Add into the equation your record of how you felt during and after the dream along with any significant theme and you are well on your way. Once you have all this information take a look at our own dream dictionary and see how you get on.