Dream Dictionary Meaning For Immobility

Dreaming of being immobile or immobility (whether the dream was a nightmare or not) can mean that you have a feeling in your waking life that things are not under your control at all and you really don't know what to do. If the immobility is forced (rather than a choice you have made) then look at paralysis.

If immobilization is not something you don't have control over (for example - being afraid to move is not the same is being unable to move) then consider the other aspects of the dream for a clue as to what it is that's affecting you. It may be that a situation or a relationship has reached a point where you're afraid to make a move to enable it to progress. The dream is a reminder that you need to regain control so that you can move forward.

Alternatively the dream can indicate a period of stagnation, or being stuck in a rut. This is most likely to be about your personal life but on occasion can also refer to your working life. Either way, if you feel stuck in a rut you need to take positive steps to move forward.

Very often there will be other clues (sometimes through dreams, sometimes in your waking life, or sometimes both) being given to you by spirit that will push you in the direction you need to take.