Dream Dictionary Meaning For Lake

When you dream of a lake, as with most symbols, consider also the setting around it. In your dream, are you in or watching a group of people having an enjoyable time at a lake such as swimming or playing, or are you alone or with a few others on a boat in the middle of the lake during a storm? The former can represent a need for more play and relaxation in your life, while the latter points to more emotionally unclear situations in your waking life that need to be settled. Consider also the quality of the water and of the day in your dream. If the sun is shining and the water is clear, the "setting" of the dream is much more promising, (and points to a generally more comfortable waking life) than if in the dream the sky is cloudy or rainy and the water seems dark and murky. Murky water and cloudy skies can point to a waking situation/feeling that needs to be faced and worked through. This situation will tend to be confusing, but ignoring it will not make it go away. All in all the symbol of a lake in a dream is a good sign that either things are going very well…or you are getting close to make any changes which might be needed to clarify and improve your waking life. Consider also the people which appear in the dream with you and how you feel about them in your waking life.