Dream Dictionary Meaning For Mother

To dream of your mother is interpreted in large degree by the feelings that you have toward your actual mother. If she is someone that you respect and have a good relationship with, then it points to feeling safe and nurtured. It can also simply mean that it has been "too long" since you have seen or talked to her. If you have a contentious or difficult relationship to your mother, or if you never knew your actual mother, to dream in this way likely speaks about the concerns you have around possibly being "like her," (e.g. sharing her weaknesses, etc.) That type of dream is often a call to get resolution with her if that is at all possible and to give yourself full closure without her participation if it is not possible with her.

If your mother is no longer living and you have a vivid dream of her this can in fact be her visiting you in spirit. If you dream of a conversation with your mother (regardless of the state of your waking relationship with her) the topic of the conversation denotes an issue in your waking life which you need to pay more attention to and or to work on.