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Dream Dictionary Non-IFrame Version - P


Dreaming of a pacifier signifies a need for soothing, support, and nurturance. You may need a break and some comfort, both physical and emotional comfort. Dreaming that you are sucking on a pacifier, no matter what the age is that you are in the dream, can indicate that you are ignoring some deeper emotional issues and need to do some exploration to evaluate what those issues might be. You may also be on some level judging yourself (or your feelings) to be immature or unnecessary. Give some thought to the shape your emotional life is taking. If you are providing a pacifier to others in your dream, you may be feeling as though you are responsible for the well being of others, and may have some resentment about this.



When dreaming that you must pacify a situation, in the absence of a literal pacifier in the dream, it means that you are feeling a great deal of responsibility and may be chafing under the load. There are likely to be some conflicts in your waking life which are going unacknowledged. This sort of dream can also indicate that you have skills and talents that are not being used to their fullest extent. If your outer life does not give you the needed opportunities to grow these skills, you may want to think about how you can give this opportunity to yourself.



When you dream of receiving a package, it can indicate that there is a message that spirit has for you that you must unearth. It also can signify that there is a "missing piece" that you don't feel that you have yet in your life. This piece can be information, objects, or situations. Dreaming of a package in any context is generally a very good sign, unless the package is ticking and thus may be a bomb! If you are giving someone a package, it can show that you are feeling as though you are doing most of the giving in a situation. In this dream, much depends on the setting and your feelings in the dream. How the recipient reacts to the package you give in your dream can also give a great insight into this relationship.



Dreaming of packing your house contents will often mean that you are moving forward in a very positive way. You are likely to be releasing the past and moving into a very positive and powerful new experience. In the absence of clues in your waking life that this is so, this can be a message that you are sending to yourself that it is past time for you to let go of the pain from the past and to take steps to improve your life and your situations. If you find yourself packing in a situation that is strained in your dream, such as you are just starting to pack and the movers arrive, this points to a need for greater organization in your waking life, as well as feeling unprepared for the challenges that you are facing.

If you are packing and unpacking multiple times, it points to an unsuccessful attempt to deal with far too much in your waking life, so reach out for help if you need it. Also, note that there is a great deal of difference between dreaming of packing a suitcase and dreaming of packing your (or someone's) home.

To dream of packing someone else's belongings points to feeling that you are having to do something, perhaps many things, that this person should be doing for themselves.



To dream that you are in a beauty pageant can indicate that you feel judged by superficial standards and also that you are feeling very competitive. You may be denying your competitive feelings in your waking life and this may be why it's appearing in your dream. To dream of losing a beauty pageant may mean that you fear that you are not attractive and that nobody can see beyond your exterior. If you dream that you won the beauty pageant, it can mean that you are feeling very excited about some successes in your waking life (this can include those in a romantic relationship) and you may have trouble allowing yourself to feel this happiness and excitement.

If you are watching a beauty pageant it can mean that you are needing to evaluate some people and situations in your life and may need more information about the best way to do this evaluation. Much depends on the context in the dream, for example, if you are watching the beauty pageant and really enjoying it, you can be looking forward to the evaluations that you need to be doing in your personal life, however if you are bored out of your mind in the dream, you can expect that you need more information before you spend a lot of time evaluating people and situations.

In a very broad sense, dreaming of a beauty pageant if you are a woman, can point to self-esteem issues; either an over-emphasis on the physical or an under-appreciation for your internal qualities.



When you dream of a pager, it can indicate that you are feeling that your time is not your own, and that you don't have enough time to yourself. It can also indicate a feeling that someone is trying to control you.

It can also indicate that someone is quite literally trying to get a message to you. Think about who it is in your life who might need communication from you. It could also be a message from someone on the other side.



To see a pagoda in your dream can indicate that you are in need of inspiration, sometimes on every level, sometimes purely on a spiritual level. You may need to go beyond your typical belief systems and experiences and stretch yourself, particularly in terms of spiritual traditions. Sometimes this purely points to the opportunity to travel coming soon.

If you are in a setting where you see or enter into a Pagoda on a regular basis in your waking life, then to dream of a pagoda is an indicator of a need for more attention to your spirituality and attention to your strengths and your gifts. Consider the beauty that is within you. How are you feeding this beauty and honoring it?



Dreaming of a pail depends partly on the condition of the pail for interpretation and the context. If the pail is dirty and disgusting, it points to a need to clean out the emotional and perhaps also the physical surroundings in your waking life. It would also point to a need to get beyond the surface aspects of some matter. To dream of a shiny new and clean pail points to justifiable optimism and is a good omen for possibilities coming to you soon. If the pail is neither disgusting or new and clean, but in the middle, and is empty, it points to a feeling of emptiness but that you have (or will soon aquire) the capacity to get beyond this emptiness and/or loss. If the pail in your dream is full and is very heavy for you to carry, you are feeling overly burdened and this is a clear warning to pace yourself and to consider your workload and whether your efforts are sensible.



On some occasions, to dream of pain can indicate the need for medical attention. Most often the pain referenced is of an emotional nature. You may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle some challenge in your life. This type of dream can tell us that we should reach out for help in some area of our lives.

When you dream that someone or something is inflicting physical pain on you, consider carefully the context. This can mean, broadly speaking, that you are feeling shackled and out of control, and is a clear pointer that you may need to take action to "make things happen" rather than to "let things happen."

To dream that you are inflicting pain on yourself can mean that you are not facing up to your true feelings about your life and that this dream is a clear-wake up call that this cannot be allowed to continue. You may be undergoing a struggle that is simply too great to try to handle on your own. Allow others to help you if this is the case. Talk about your feelings and concerns.



Dreaming of a paintbrush signifies happiness, joy, creative accomplishments, and talents. If you consider yourself to NOT be a creative person, this dream is a clear instruction to think again; you may have a need for a creative outlet that is not currently being met.

If you do see yourself as a very creative person, this dream can point to likely financial and emotional success coming soon as a result of your creative endeavors.



When you dream of painting, consider the context. Who is doing the painting and what is being painted are all clues as to the specific meaning. Very broadly speaking, to dream of painting points to change or a need for a change. Consider also your feeling about the color of the paint in the dream. If something is being painted a color that you consider to be ugly, this can mean that you are offended or troubled by criticism or negativity given off by someone or something in your waking life. Conversely, if you like the color that is being used this can indicate that you are or soon will be very pleased about some changes that are already in the process of happening around you.

To dream that paint has gotten on your clothes can point to a deep desire to be more careful and methodical in your daily life and also that you may feel that you are clumsy. You may be best served by understanding your limitations and honoring yourself despite them. This does not mean that you don't try to improve; it simply means not to waste time and energy longing to be a prima ballerina or star sprinter if you are challenged to walk without bumping into things.

If dreaming of a framed painting in your dream, this indicates beauty and a rich inner life, but again, the context is important. How did you feel about the painting? What was it a painting of? To dream of artwork that you find ugly or objectionable can mean that there is something in your life that you are trying to pretend is acceptable but which is really not all right with you. To dream of a gorgeous or highly valuable painting can mean that your creative side needs more nurturance and/or feeding; and that your environment can need some care and attention.

Any environment can be made to be more aesthetically pleasing; this does not need to cost money, and dreams about painting and artwork can point to a deep need to pay attention to such matters.



To see pairs of things or animals in your dream can point to a desire for stability, organization, control, and symmetry in your life. You may need to take steps, any steps at all, to feel as though you are controlling the things you need to control so that you can feel as though things are in balance. This dream can also point to the desire for a love relationship if you are single. If you are married or in a committed lifetime partnership, and find yourself dreaming of pairs of things frequently, this can be a clue that you need to spend some time away from your beloved in order to remain balanced and happy within your relationship.



Dreaming of pajamas points to a need for rest and relaxation in your working life. It can also mean that you are not feeling well and need to take better care of yourself. To dream that you are wearing pajamas in a place that is inappropriate, such as in a classroom or at work, can indicate that you are feeling as though you are not in control of your life and yourself and feel that you need to be in better control. You may need to make changes in the way that you do business.



Dreaming of a palace can show that you feel that you have not yet reached your full potential; you are probably correct. It can also point to feelings of inadequacy and that you need others to help you/to show you what needs to be done. A palace in your dream is generally a good omen. To dream that you are the owner or inhabitant of a palace, can indicate that you are about to be successful beyond anything that you currently expect.



Panties, as with most items of underwear, can often represent your hidden inner feelings or attitudes. These may be every day attitudes or your sexual feelings and desires. If wearing just panties in your dream is definitely inappropriate to your surroundings then it is likely that your real life behavior is also inappropriate for a situation you are currently in. However, if they are inappropriate and you feel vulnerable, it can by a reflection of a real life situation in which there is that feeling of vulnerability.

Man: If you are a man and dreaming of panties worn by someone else it is usually a straightforward case of sexual desire. If, on the other hand, you are dreaming of wearing them yourself it can mean that you are questioning your role as the "man of the house" or you have hidden sexual desires in a direction that is not your acknowledged norm.

As a man, if wearing the panties makes you feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, it is almost certainly an indication that you're not happy with your current role in life. In so much that you may feel you are "under the thumb" of female control (this might be at home or at work) or have feelings of inadequacy in being able to provide for yourself and/or your family. You may also be subconsciously seeking the approval of a female figure in your life.

If, instead of feeling embarrassed, you feel comfortable or aroused wearing them, then it is more likely to be pointing to hidden sexual desires in that direction. It might be representative of a desire to cross-dress or even bisexual/homosexual tendencies.

Woman: As a woman you probably wear panties most of the time so it is much more likely that they represent sexual desire in some way if you are the one wearing them. Not always though.

If the panties you're wearing are much too tight it can indicate that you are feeling very restricted in some way in life. This may be a situation in general or it could be the way that sex is treated in your household.

If the panties are sexy and usually "sensible" ones are worn, it can be indicative of a desire to be more sexually adventurous or that you're not happy with your current sex life - maybe you feel that you're being taken for granted. This can be particularly true if you are taking the panties off in your dream.

If the panties are worn by another woman (or she is taking them off) and the feeling is not one of embarrassment, but one of desire, then it may indicate a bisexual or lesbian interest.



Dreaming of being paralyzed (whether the dream was a nightmare or not) can mean that you have a feeling in your waking life that things are not under your control at all and you really don't know what to do.

Paralysis can also indicate that you are afraid to do or say something in day to day life. This will usually revolve around something that is important to you rather than something inconsequential. It might be that you have a decision to make and it's a scary one and you don't know what to do for the best.

Paralysis is a very primeval fear for most people and to have that reflected within a dream indicates how important something may be. The issue or issues it refers to usually go to the very heart of a person's being.

Dreaming of being paralyzed is not uncommon and it's a very good indicator of the helplessness that is sometimes felt during waking life. Think of it as a wake up call to get things back on an even keel.

Paralysis on rare occasions can be traced back to childhood trauma or sometimes to trauma experienced as an adult. Whichever is the case it might be that you need to consider therapy to help you overcome past issues. This is particularly true in the case of trauma related dreams if the dream is a recurring one. Your sub-conscious is telling you in no uncertain terms that you have unresolved issues.



Passports can often crop up in dreams and can have several different meanings depending on what's going on. Often, dreaming of carrying a passport can be as simple as meaning that you are going to be doing some traveling in the not too distant future.

Far more often though, it's not as straightforward as that. Dreams about a passport usually revolve around the loss of it, or the misplacement of it rather than you're carrying it for a trip abroad. Obviously losing your passport or being unable to find it - especially if you are already at the airport, or on the plane in your dream, or supposed to be on your way to the airport as you're running late - means that you will not be able to take your flight and go on your planned trip.

This inability to go where you want, when you want etc. is usually indicative of something not being the way you want it to be in life. Not only that, but there is a feeling that something is beyond your control going on and as a result it will not turn out the way you expected.

Dreaming of a lost passport does not automatically mean that doom and gloom is on the way, and that something will definitely go wrong. Far from it, but it is a pointer to the fact that you should be making sure that everything in your life is under your control and is running the way you want it to run. Smoothly in other words. Don't be slapdash about your personal existence. That way you'll be able to find your "passport" when you need it.

Occasionally the passport in a dream may not be your own. If loss is still involved then it could be a friend or family member that is struggling with something in their life. If you are carrying the passport with the intent of using it as your own however, it can mean that you're not happy with life in general and that you wish you could be someone else. In which case it is definitely time to make some positive changes in what is going on around you.

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