Dream Dictionary Meaning For Page (Human)

To dream of a human page can point to a need for assistance in your waking life. You must also consider whether the people that you find yourself attracted to in your romantic life are indeed suitable or attainable for you. You may have a business issue that needs to be addressed, with someone who is younger than you are.

When you dream of a page in a book, much depends on whether there is anything written on the page or not, and what you are doing and feeling when you come across this page. A blank page can mean that you are missing some information that you need, it also can point to a need to take some concrete action, "the bull by the horns," as they say. If you are reading a page in a book, pay attention to where you are and how you feel in the dream for clues as to the meaning of the symbol. If you can remember any of the words on the page, this is often the most important part of this symbol.

If you are familiar with tarot and dream of the page card, this is a clear indication that someone, generally someone who is younger than you are, will soon approach you with a message.

If you dream that you yourself are a page, you may be feeling hard done by with regard to the people you work for or with, and as though your contributions are not seen or appreciated.