Dream Dictionary Meaning For Pageant

To dream that you are in a beauty pageant can indicate that you feel judged by superficial standards and also that you are feeling very competitive. You may be denying your competitive feelings in your waking life and this may be why it's appearing in your dream. To dream of losing a beauty pageant may mean that you fear that you are not attractive and that nobody can see beyond your exterior. If you dream that you won the beauty pageant, it can mean that you are feeling very excited about some successes in your waking life (this can include those in a romantic relationship) and you may have trouble allowing yourself to feel this happiness and excitement.

If you are watching a beauty pageant it can mean that you are needing to evaluate some people and situations in your life and may need more information about the best way to do this evauation. Much depends on the context in the dream, for example, if you are watching the beauty pageant and really enjoying it, you can be looking forward to the evaluations that you need to be doing in your personal life, however if you are bored out of your mind in the dream, you can expect that you need more information before you spend a lot of time evaluating people and situations.

In a very broad sense, dreaming of a beauty pageant if you are a woman, can point to self-esteem issues; either an over-emphasis on the physical or an under-appreciation for your internal qualities.