Dream Dictionary Meaning For Pain

On some occasions, to dream of pain can indicate the need for medical attention. Most often the pain referenced is of an emotional nature. You may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle some challenge in your life. This type of dream can tell us that we should reach out for help in some area of our lives.

When you dream that someone or something is inflicting physical pain on you, consider carefully the context. This can mean, broadly speaking, that you are feeling shackled and out of control, and is a clear pointer that you may need to take action to "make things happen" rather than to "let things happen."

To dream that you are inflicting pain on yourself can mean that you are not facing up to your true feelings about your life and that this dream is a clear-wake up call that this cannot be allowed to continue. You may be undergoing a struggle that is simply too great to try to handle on your own. Allow others to help you if this is the case. Talk about your feelings and concerns.