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Dream Dictionary Meaning For Panties

Panties, as with most items of underwear, can often represent your hidden inner feelings or attitudes. These may be every day attitudes or your sexual feelings and desires. If wearing just panties in your dream is definitely inappropriate to your surroundings then it is likely that your real life behavior is also inappropriate for a situation you are currently in. However, if they are unappropriate and you feel vulnerable, it can by a reflection of a real life situation in which there is that feeling of vulnerability.

Man: If you are a man and dreaming of panties worn by someone else it is usually a straightforward case of sexual desire. If, on the other hand, you are dreaming of wearing them yourself it can mean that you are questioning your role as the "man of the house" or you have hidden sexual desires in a direction that is not your acknowledged norm.

As a man, if wearing the panties in your dream made you feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed, it is almost certainly an indication that you're not happy with your current role in life. In so much that you may feel you are "under the thumb" of female control (this might be at home or at work) or have feelings of inadequacy in your ability to provide for yourself and/or your family. You may also be subconsciously seeking the approval of a female figure in your life.

If, instead of feeling embarrassed, you felt comfortable or aroused wearing them, then it is more likely to be pointing to hidden sexual desires in that direction. It might be representative of a desire to cross-dress or even bisexual/homosexual tendencies.

Woman: As a woman you probably wear panties most of the time so it is much more likely that they represent sexual desire in some way if you are the one wearing them. Not always though.

If the panties you're wearing are much too tight it can indicate that you are feeling very restricted in some way in life. This may be a situation in general or it could be the way that sex is treated in your household.

If the panties are sexy and usually "sensible" ones are worn, it can be indicative of a desire to be more sexually adventurous or that you're not happy with your current sex life - maybe you feel that you're being taken for granted. This can be particularly true if you are taking the panties off in your dream.

If the panties are worn by another woman (or she is taking them off) and the feeling is not one of embarrassment, but one of desire, then it may indicate a bisexual or lesbian interest.