Dream Dictionary Meaning For Spirits

To see or talk to spirits within your dream is one of the most interesting dream types possible. And it is a privilege and nothing to be afraid of. Spirits may include family members, friends or acquaintances that have passed on. It can also include complete strangers and these could well be your spirit guides. We all have them. Almost without exception this will be a message type of dream. If you are lucky you will be given the message verbally but it could also be given as pictures, other sounds etc. It is worth remembering that spirit can be very literal when it comes to giving a message. For example lets say you were interested in meeting a new love and spirit wanted to give you a hint. You might well see the spirit standing on the center line of a road. Literal interpretation? You will meet someone online, i.e. the computer.

Spirits (in whatever form they take) will often try to help you through a difficult time, or to help you make important decisions, or even just to allay any fears that you have. Other times it may just be that there is something you are unaware of and need to know. Whichever is applicable, spirit can be exceptionally patient. Sometimes their message may be hard to understand and if it doesn't make sense (even if you have considered all symbols and themes within the dream) they will come back and try again. And they will probably try another tack to try and make it easier for you to understand. If the message is particularly important they will keep trying. Keep an eye open for repetitive hints within your waking life too. Spirit is not limited to your dreams when it comes to trying to help you.

If you still don't get it after numerous dreams you should consider consulting a medium for a spirit communication session.