Dream Dictionary Meaning For Teeth

Dreaming of teeth is probably the most common dream that people have. Almost everyone, at some time or another, has had a dream involving teeth. Usually it will involve, damaged teeth, losing teeth, loose teeth. That sort of thing.

At a purely biological level it can indicate that you have a need to visit the dentist and have work done. perhaps you've been putting it off as you hate visiting the dentist. Perhaps you can't afford it. The reason for the dream though, is purely physical rather than metaphysical.

If visiting the dentist is not a good reason for you then an interpretaion of its meaning is needed.

Losing teeth can indicate that you are afraid of losing something (or someone) in real life. Or that you have already suffered this loss and its effects are playing themselves out within your dream. Maybe the loss has affected you more deeply than you know.

Damaged teeth can similarly indicate that you have suffered emotionally within your waking life. Again, you may not be aware of the degree of "damage" you have suffered and you need to take steps to face the issue and resolve it as best you can.

Loose teeth are the most common component of a "teeth dream" and can actually have a multitude of meanings. Its meaning for you may well need some deep thought to actually ascertain what is going on. Loose teeth nearly always indicate that something, somewhere, is not right. Whether this is work, school, career, relationships or love (or some other facet of life) only you will be able to decide. There may well be other clues within your dream so pay attention to them.

Teeth are very personal to all of us. They are such an integral part of our body and as such will often appear in a dream when all is not well.