Dream Dictionary Meaning For Telephone

Dreaming of using a telephone usually indicates that there is a call you need to make. Somebody, somewhere, needs to hear from you. Sometimes who this is can be very easy to determine. At other times it might somewhat difficult as the person in question is someone from the past. Quite often the very distant past. There might be other clues within the dream as to who it might be but if not it is worth trying a little meditation and consulting your intuition. You'd be surprised how often this approach results in the correct determination.

At times it could be that your dream actually shows you waiting for a call. This can actually have a couple of different interpretations. Firstly it can be similar to the interpretation in the first paragraph, only instead of you making a call it is someone trying to get in touch with you. Again, this might well be someone you haven't heard from in a long time. Secondly, it might relate to someone you're hoping to hear from such as a past love, ex-lover etc. If the call does not come within your dream it's an indication that it's unlikely to come in real life. A gentle hint that perhaps it's time to put the past behind you and move on.