Dream Dictionary Meaning For Tire

Dreaming of a tire or tires is nearly always a comment on something that is going on in your life. Usually the vehicle is a car, but has been known to be a truck, a motorbike, or a bicycle. Most times the vehicle is not overly relevant as the dream nearly always concentrates on the tires and what condition they're in.

Almost without exception the tires are defective in some way and thus prevent the vehicle from moving or only allow it to move very slowly. This is an analogy for you not making the progress you desire within the waking world. It is not often a spare tire crops up in a dream but if it does it means you can change the tire. In other words you can make changes within your life that will allow you to continue to make progress.

If the tire is flat in the dream but otherwise appears undamaged it may be possible to pump it back up. Which means that wherever your progress has been stalled in the real world that with a little help you may be able to get on the road again. On the other hand if the tire is punctured it means that the situation is going to be more difficult to correct. The number of tires that are damaged can be relevant. The more tires that are involved the more difficult it will be to make changes in real life.

For most of us it is usually evident as to what situation in real life is being alluded to. Sometimes, however, there may be so much going on that it is not immediately clear. In which case you should look for other clues within the dream that may help.