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Dream Dictionary Meaning For Urination

Dreaming of urination is actually relatively common. On most occasions it is simply a biological need to urinate (usually quite urgently - bedwetting is sometimes a side-effect of not waking from the dream in time) and the body has infiltrated this need to the sub-conscious in an attempt to wake you from your dream and take care of it. This will usually manifest itself in urinating in a suitable receptacle in the dream.

Occasionally though, a biological imperative may not be the reason you have dreamed of urination. If you wake from your dream and you do not have an urgent need to visit the bathrooom then an alternative reason should be considered.

Interpreting urination within a dream is pretty straightforward. If you are the one urinating (in a normal place/setting) then it can indicate a need to dispose of something in your waking life that you no longer need. Similarly, if someone else is urinating (this will almost certainly be someone you know) it can indicate a similar need for them.

Rarely, a dream can include you being urinated upon. Or you urinating on someone. Not pleasant in either scenario. If you are the "victim" it can indicate that you feel that you are valueless in your waking life and that the whole world is looking down on you. This is rarely true of course, but can indicate that you have self-esteem issues that you should work upon.

If you are doing the urinating then it shows you have an utter contempt for the other person. Whether you are aware of it in your waking life or not. Again, you should examine the issues involved and see what you can do about it.