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Dream Dictionary Non-IFrame Version - V


Dreaming of a vacation (especially when you don't have one planned) is usually a blunt message that you need to take a break. This is true whether you are employed in a job or simply at home looking after children or running the household.

Everyone needs to take a timeout occasionally to recharge their batteries so to speak. It's a very important aspect of life. This is particularly true in countries where workers have very little in the way of mandatory rights such as the US.

Dreaming of being on a vacation alone (when you are in a relationship of whatever sort) can indicate a need for "alone time". This will be particularly true if the relationship is under a strain of some sort. If you are not in a relationship it still indicates a need for time alone to recharge.

An aspect to consider (if not in a relationship) is whether you meet someone in your dream vacation. If you are "looking for love" it could well be a message that on vacation is where you will find it.



If your dream includes the act of varnishing then its interpretation will depend very much on who is doing the varnishing.

If you yourself are doing the varnishing it can indicate that you are trying to cover something up. This may be something you see as an imperfection or mistake on your part. This will be particularly true if the dream is accompanied by a feeling of guilt. If this is the case the message is being given that you should consider your actions and perhaps "come clean" and thus avoid the need to cover up anything. It can also denote that you are "putting up a front" for others and that you are not comfortable in doing so.

Alternatively, if someone else is doing the varnishing, it can mean that they are covering up something from you and that perhaps they are not as trustworthy as you thought. If you know the person doing the varnishing then it will be obvious who may not be all that they seem to be. If you don't know the person it can indicate in general that something that you need to be aware of is being hidden from you.

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