Dream Dictionary Meaning For Vacation

Dreaming of a vacation (especially when you don't have one planned) is usually a blunt message that you need to take a break. This is true whether you are employed in a job or simply at home looking after children or running the household.

Everyone needs to take a timeout occasionally to recharge their batteries so to speak. It's a very important aspect of life. This is particularly true in countries where workers have very little in the way of mandatory rights such as the US.

Dreaming of being on a vacation alone (when you are in a relationship of whatever sort) can indicate a need for "alone time". This will be particularly true if the relationship is under a strain of some sort. If you are not in a relationship it still indicates a need for time alone to recharge.

An aspect to consider (if not in a relationship) is whether you meet someone in your dream vacation. If you are "looking for love" it could well be a message that on vacation is where you will find it.