Using Futhark Runes

Futhark runes can be used in a variety of different ways. They can be used for divination, spell work, and are often used as talismans.

For divination purposes and in common with the Tarot (or for that matter any other card based divination set), individual runes can be picked out and placed in representative positions for the cast or spread you have chosen. These can then be interpreted according to the individual rune meaning.

Spreads can be as simple as choosing one rune as a quick answer to a question or as complex as pulling five or seven (or however many). Traditionally the runes are kept in a natural sackcloth bag and pulled when necessary.

It is also possible to pick a handful of runes from the bag and cast them gently onto a suitable surface (a casting table or board is often used). The resulting cast is then interpreted. Only runes that are face up should be considered. Should all the runes be face down then you are not yet meant to know the answer.

From a witch's point of view, the Futhark runes are absolutely ideal for inclusion in spells or spellwork. Obviously an appropriate rune should be chosen as the basis of the spell. More information on this type of use can be found at one of our other web sites - Wiccan World.

Divination is probably the most common use for runes but perhaps one of the most interesting centers around combination runes - called bind runes. Bind runes are combinations of individual rune symbols which have been combined for a specific purpose to be used as a talisman. Again, this type of rune is very useful for a witch's spell work. Almost any type of spell rune can be made. The combinations range from the very simple to the really quite complex. Bind runes were often carried by the Vikings as talismans, or carved onto objects to protect them. Many examples are still evident today. A more in-depth discussion of bind runes with examples can be found here.