Geomancy Interpretation - Acquisitio

  • English Name: Gain.
  • Planet: Jupiter (direct).
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries.
  • Portent: Good.
  • Time: Years.
  • Time Of Day: Diurnal.
  • Element: Air.
  • Gender: Masculine.
  • Humor: Sanguine.
  • Stability: Fixed.
  • Direction: Entering.

Acquisitio found in the first House, giveth a long life and prosperous old age; signifies a man of middle stature, and a great head, a countenance very well to be distinguished or known, a long nose, much beard, hair curling, and fair eyes, free of his meat and drink, but in all things else sparing and not liberal.

In the second House, he signifies very great riches, apprehendeth all thieves, and causeth whatsoever is lost to be recovered.

In the third House, many brethren, and they to be wealthy; many gainful journeys; signifies a man of good faith.

In the fourth is signified a Patrimony of much riches, many possessions of copious fruits; he signifieth that treasure hid in any place shall be found; and sheweth a Father to be rich, but covetous.

In the fifth House, Acquisitio signifies many children of both Sexes, but more Males then Females; sheweth a woman to be with child, and that she shall be delivered without danger: and if a question be propounded concerning any Sex, he signifies it to be Masculine; encreaseth gainful profitable Embassages and Messages, but extendeth same not far after death, yet causeth a man to be inherited of his own, and signifieth rumours to be true.

In the sixth House he signifies many and grievous sicknesses, and long to continue, maketh the sick to be in danger of death, and often to die: yet he declareth a Physitian to be learned and honest; giveth many servants and chattel, and gains to be acquired from them.

In the seventh House he signifies a wife to be rich, but either a widow, or a woman of a well-grown age; signifies suits and contentions to be great and durable, and that love and wedlock shall be effected by lot.

In the eighth House, if a man be enquired after, it sheweth him to be dead, signifieth the kind of death to be short, and sickness to last but a few dayes; discovereth very profitable legacies and inheritances, and signifieth a wife to have a rich dowry.

In the ninth House he signifies long and profitable journeys; sheweth if any one be absent he shall soon return; causeth gain to be obtained from Religious and Ecclesiastical Persons or Scholars, and signifies a man of a true and perfect Science.

In the tenth House, he maketh Princes to inlarge their Dominions; a Judge favourable, but one that must be continually presented with gifts; causeth Offices and Magistracy to be very gainful; signifieth a Mother rich and happy.

In the eleventh House, Acquisitio multiplieth friends, and bringeth profit from them, and increaseth favour with Princes.

In the twelfth House he signifieth a man shall have many powerful or potent enemies; reduceth and bringeth home servants fled away, and cattel strayed; and signifies he that is in prison shall not be delivered.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.