Geomancy Interpretation

The simplest method of interpreting the answer to a question is to determine which house represents the question at hand. For example, if the question was about health it would be attributed to the sixth house. If the question was about finding a true love it would be attributed to the seventh house. Questions about finding a job would be attributed to the 10th house and so on. Once you have determined which house represents the question you can look at the figure in that house and determine the answer.

However, just looking at the one figure is a little like just pulling one card in Tarot. Yes, it does give an answer but it will not furnish as much information as can be obtained by (for example) using the Celtic Cross instead of a single card.

So, instead of just looking at a single figure in a single house it is advisable to consider some of the other figures to get a better overall understanding of the circumstances surrounding the question and the predicted outcome. As the saying goes: Knowledge is power. Plus of course, forewarned is forearmed.

Probably the first thing to do in any interpretation is to look at the figure that is in the first house. The first house signifies the querent and will give an overall "feeling" of the querent's life. The judge should also be looked at. The judge acts like a significator card in tarot. It gives an overall impression of the reading. For instance, if a question was about a financial partnership and how it would work out, and the reading was pretty non-committal then a look at the judge may give further insight. If the judge was a good figure then the partnership would probably work out for the better. If, on the other hand, the judge was a bad figure then the partnership and finances might suffer instead. The witnesses can be used in much the same way.

Any house that could reflect an influence on the question being asked should be looked at. Again, if a partnership was being formulated and the finalization would necessitate a long journey then the ninth house (representing long distance travel) should also be looked at. Is the journey figure favorable or unfavorable etc.? Is luck on the querent's side? A look at the figure in the eleventh house would answer that question. Are there any pitfalls involved? A look at the twelfth house (representing unseen dangers0 will help answer that. And so on.

Once you have determined the prime house that relates to the question and any other houses that may have something to say you can go on to look at the individual figures and formulate an answer to the querent's question.