Geomancy Interpretation - Carcer

  • English Name: Prison.
  • Planet: Saturn (direct).
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces.
  • Portent: Moderately bad.
  • Time: Years.
  • Time Of Day: Nocturnal.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Humor: Melancholy.
  • Stability: Both.
  • Direction: Both.

Carcer in the first House being posited, giveth a short life; signifies men to be most wicked, of a filthy and cruel unclean figure and shape, and such as are hated and despised of all men.

Carcer in the second House causeth most cruel and miserable poverty; signifies both the theef and thing stollen to be taken and regained; and sheweth no treasure to be hid.

In the third House Carcer signifieth hatred and dissention amongst brethren; evil journeys, most wicked faith and conversation.

Carcer in the fourth House signifieth a man to have no possessions or inheritances, a Father to be most wicked, and to die a sudden and evil death.

In the fifth House Carcer giveth many children; sheweth a woman not to be with child, and provoketh those that are with child to miscarry of their own consent, or slayeth the child; signifieth no honours, and disperseth most false rumours.

In the sixth House Carcer causeth the diseased to undergoe long sickness; signifieth servants to be wicked, rather unprofitable; Physitians ignorant.

In the seventh House Carcer sheweth the wife shall be hated of her husband, and signifies suits and contentions to be ill ended and determined.

In the eighth House Carcer declareth the kinde of death to be by some fall, mischance, or false accusation, or that men shall be condemned in prison, or in publike judgement, and sheweth them to be put to death, or that they shall often lay violent and deadly hands upon themselves; denieth a wife to have any portion and legacies.

Carcer in the ninth House, sheweth he that is absent shall not return, and signifieth some evil shall happen to him in his journey; it denotes persons of no Religion, a wicked conscience, and ignorant of learning.

In the tenth House Carcer causeth Princes to be very wicked, and wretchedly to perish, because when they are established in their power, they will wholly addict themselves to every voluptuous lust, pleasure, and tyranny; causeth Judges to be unjust and false; declareth the Mother to be cruel, and infamous, and noted with the badge of adultery; giveth no Offices nor Magistracies, but such as are gotten and obtained either by lying, or through theft, and base and cruel robbery.

In the eleventh House Carcer causeth no friends, nor love, nor favour amongst men.

In the twelfth House it raiseth enemies, detaineth in prison, and inflicteth many evils.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.