Geomancy Interpretation - Conjunctio

  • English Name: Conjunction.
  • Planet: Mercury (retrograde).
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
  • Portent: Moderately good.
  • Time: Hours.
  • Time Of Day: Diurnal.
  • Element: Air.
  • Gender: Masculine.
  • Humor: Sanguine.
  • Stability: Both.
  • Direction: Both.

Conjunctio in the first House maketh a prosperous life, and signifies a man of a middle stature, not lean nor fat, long face, plain hair, a little beard, long fingers and thighs, liberal, amiable, and a friend to many people.

In the second House Conjunctio doth not signifies any riches to be gotten, but preserveth a man secure and free from the calamities of poverty; detecteth both the theef and the thing stolen, and acquireth hidden treasure.

In the third House he giveth various journeys with various success, and signifieth good gaith and constancy.

In the fourth House Conjunctio sheweth a mean Patrimony; causeth a Father to be honest, of good report, and of good understanding.

In the fifth House he giveth Children of subtile ingenuity and wit, sheweth a woman pregnant to have a male-child, and raiseth men to honours by thier own meer proper wit and ingenuity, and disperseth their fame and credit far abroad; and also signifies news and rumours to be true.

In the sixth House Conjunctio signifies sicknesses to be tedious and of long continuance; but foresheweth the Physitian to be learned and well experienced; and sheweth servants to be faithful and blameless, and animals profitable.

In the seventh House he giveth a wife very obedient, conformable, and dutiful to her husband, and one of a good wit and ingenuity; causeth difficult suits and controversies, and crafty, subtil and malicious adversaries.

In the eighth House, him of whom a Question is propounded, Conjunctio signifies him to be dead, & pretendeth some gain to be acquired by his death; sheweth a wife shall not be very rich.

In the ninth House he giveth a few journeys, but long and tedious, and sheweth one that is absent shall after a long season return. Conjunctio in this House increaseth divers Arts, Sciences, and Mysteries of Religion; and giveth a quick, perspicuous, and efficacious wit.

In the tenth House Conjunctio maketh Princes liberal, affable and benevolent, and who are much delighted and affected with divers Sciences, and secret Arts, and with men learned therin; causeth Judges to be just, and such who with a piercing and subtil speculation, do easily discern causes in controversie before them; enlargeth Offices which are concerned about Letters, Learning, found Doctrines and Sciences; and signifies a Mother to be honest, of good ingenuity and wit, and also one of a prosperous life.

In the eleventh House Conjunctio signifies great increase of friends; and very much procureth the grace and favour of Princes, powerful and noble Men.

In the twelfth House Conjunctio signifies wary and quick-witted enemies; causeth such as are in prison to remain and continue so very long, and causeth a man to eschew very many dangers in his life.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.