Geomancy Interpretation - Puella

  • English Name: Girl.
  • Planet: Venus (direct).
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
  • Portent: Good.
  • Time: Months.
  • Time Of Day: Nocturnal.
  • Element: Water.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Humor: Phlegmatic.
  • Stability: Fixed.
  • Direction: Entering.

Puella in the first House signifies a person of a short life, weak constitution of body, middle stature, little fat, but fair, effeminate and luxurious, and one who will incur many troubles and dangers in his life-time for the love of women.

In the second House, it neither encreaseth riches, nor diminisheth poverty; signifies a theef not to be departed from the City, and a thing stollen to be alienated and made away: if a Question be of treasure in a place, it is resolved there is none.

In the third House Puella signifies more sisters then brethren, and encreaseth and continueth good friendship and amity amonst them; denoteth journies to be pleasant and joyous, and men of good conversations.

In the fourth House Puella signifies a very small patrimony, and a Father not to live long, but maketh the fields fertile with good fruits.

In the fifth House a woman with child is signified to bring forth a woman-child; denotes no Embassage, causeth much commerce with women, and some office to be obtained from them.

Puella in the sixth House signifies much weakness of the sick, but causeth the sick shortly to recover; and sheweth a Physitian to be both unlearned and unskilful, but one who is much esteemed of in the opinion of the vulgar people; giveth good servants, handmaids, cattel and animals.

In the seventh House Puella giveth a wife fair, beautiful and pleasant, leading a peaceable and quiet conversation with her husband, notwithstanding one that shall burn much with lust, and be coveted and lusted after of many men; denoteth no suits or controversies, which shall depend before a Judge, but some jarres and wranglings with the common people one amongst another, which shall be easily dissolved and ended.

In the eighth House, if a Question be of one reputed to be dead, Puella declareth him to be alive: giveth a small portion with a wife, but that which contenteth her husband.

In the ninth House Puella signifies very few journeys, sheweth a man of good religion, indifferent skill or knowledge in sciences, unless happily Musick, aswel vocal as instrumental.

In the tenth House Puella signifies Princes not to be very potent, but notwithstanding they shall govern peaceably within their Dominions, and shall be beloved of their Neighbours and Subjects; it causeth them to be affable, milde and courteous, and that they shall alwayes exercise themselves with continual mirth, plays, and huntings; maketh Judges to be good, godly and merciful; giveth Offices about women, or especially from noble women.

In the eleventh House Puella giveth many friends, and encreaseth fabour with women.

In the twelfth House Puella signifies few enemies, but contention with women; and delivereth Prisoners out of prison through the intercession of friends.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.