Geomancy Interpretation - Rubeus

  • English Name: Red.
  • Planet: Mars (direct).
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
  • Portent: Very bad.
  • Time: Months.
  • Time Of Day: Diurnal.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Gender: Masculine.
  • Humor: Choleric.
  • Stability: Mobile.
  • Direction: Exiting.

Rubeus in the first House, signifies a short life, and an evil end; signifies a man to be filthy, unprofitable, and of an evil, cruel and malicious countenance, having some remarkable and notable signe or scar in some part of his body.

In the second House Rubeus signifies poverty, and maketh theeves and robbers, and such persons as shall acquire and seek after their maintenance and livelihoods by using false, wicked, and evil, and unlawful Arts; preserveth theeves, and concealeth theft; and signifies no treasure to be hid nor found.

In the third House Rubeus renders brethren and knsmen to be full of hatred, and odious one to another, and sheweth them to be of evil manners, & ill disposition; causeth journeys to be very dangerous, and foresheweth false faith and treachery.

In the fourth House he destroyeth and consumeth Patrimonies, and disperseth and wasteth inheritances, causeth them to come to nothing; destroyeth the fruits of the field by tempestuous seasons, and malignancy of the earth; and bringeth the Father to a quick and sudden death.

Rubeus in the fifth House giveth many children, but either they shall be wicked and disobedient, or else shall afflict their Parents with grief, disgrace and infamy.

In the sixth House Rubeus causeth mortal wounds, sicknesses and diseases; him that is sick shall die; the Physitian shall erre, servants prove false and treacherous, cattel and beasts shall produce hurt and danger.

In the seventh House Rubeus signifies a wife to be infamous, publickly adulterate, and contentious; deceitful and treacherous adversaries, who shall endeavour to overcome you, by crafty and subtil wiles and circumventions of the Law.

In the eighth House Rubeus signifies a violent death to be inflicted, by the execution of publike Justice; and signifies, if any one be enquired after, that he is certainly dead; and wife to have no portion or dowry.

Rubeus in the ninth House sheweth journeys to be evil and dangerous, and that a man shall be in danger either to spoiled by theeves and robbers, or to be taken by plunderers and robbers; declareth men to be of most wicked opinions in Religion, and of evil faith, and such as will often easily be induced to deny and go from their faith for every small occasion; denoteth Sciences to be false and deceitful, and the professors thereof to be ignorant.

In the tenth House Rubeus signifies Princes to be cruel and tyrannical, and that their power shall come to an evil end, as that either they shall be cruelly murdered and destroyed by their own Subjects, or that they shall be taken captive by their conquerers, and put to an ignominious and cruel death, or shall miserably end their lives in hard imprisonment; signifies Judges and Officers to be false, theevish, and such as shall be addicted to usury; sheweth that a mother shall soon die, and denoteth her to be blemisht with an evil fame and report.

In the eleventh House Rubeus giveth no true, nor any faithful friends; sheweth men to be of wicked lives and conversations, and causeth a man to be rejected and cast out from all society and conversation with good and noble persons.

Rubeus in the twelfth House maketh enemies to be cruel and traiterous, of whom we ought circumspectly to beware; signifies such as are in prison shall come to an evil end; and sheweth a great many inconveniences and mischiefs to happen in a mans life.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.