Psychic Abilities - Popular Misconceptions

Most people have set ideas on what a psychic is and what a psychic does. Some people are right (particularly those who have experienced a psychic reading of course) but many are wrong. There are many misconceptions around. These are some of the more popular.

Psychics can read the minds of everyone they come into contact with: This is probably THE most popular misconception. It just isn't so. Although it is often possible to pick up on people most professional psychics turn off their abilities when in public. Believe me, at the end of a long, hard day, no psychic wants to "read your mind"! Inexperienced psychics often want to "show off" their abilities, an experienced professional does not. Nor do they want to play "guess what I'm wearing" games. That's an abuse of a gift from spirit and a waste of your money and our time.

Psychics can give an exact date and time: No. It is possible to give approximate dates, but an absolute? With all the free will there is involved? Not a chance! If any "psychic" tells you they can predict an exact date and time they are a scam artist and you are wasting your money. The only way it could happen is if everything in life was preordained. And it most certainly isn't.

Psychic abilities are evil: No, they're not. Psychic abilities are a gift from God and/or spirit - depending on your belief system. The ability to be a great artist or musician is also a gift from God and people don't criticize them! Psychics are simply using the gift that has been bestowed on them. Many well-respected psychic professionals are also very devout Christians.

All psychics read palms: Sorry. It's just not true. Most psychics wouldn't know where to even start. reading palms is a specialist discipline practiced by palmists only.

Psychics always know their own future: Again it's just not so. Whenever anything unexpected happens people always ask why the psychic didn't see it coming. A psychic has to be emotionally detached in order to accurately see what is going to happen. It is very hard for most (and impossible for some) to be so. At Psychic Revelation we read for a lot of psychics for this very reason.

A psychic who doesn't use tarot cards is better than one who does: Nothing could be further from the truth. A reading from a competent professional Tarot reader will be far better than a reading by an inexperienced or incompetent clairvoyant. The end message is what matters, not how that message was obtained. If you were expecting a parcel, does it matter to you whether it was delivered by the USPS™ or FedEx™? Of course not! As long as you got the parcel.

Everything a psychic predicts will come true: Not so. A psychic will often predict a likely outcome for a given situation with a remarkable degree of accuracy. But we all have free will and we all make choices. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is pre-destined. If it were then there'd be no point in having a reading would there? We all have paths to walk and should we follow the most likely path then the psychic's prediction will come true. But make a turn somewhere along the line that is not in character and that prediction may well no longer be valid. One of the most frequently asked questions is "Will I find love?" For most people the answer is yes. A psychic may well predict the when and the where. Now if, for example, the psychic says you will meet someone at a party then of necessity you need to attend a party. It's no good turning down invitations and staying at home and still expecting that prediction to come true. Make sense?

Psychics can predict lottery numbers: I wish! I once asked one of my spirit guides (just out of curiosity) about the lottery. He laughed his head off. A lottery machine is a soulless aninamate object. No psychic can connect with it.