Psychic Readings

"What is a psychic reading exactly anyway, what's the point in getting one?" Sound Familiar? Let me assure you you are not alone in asking these questions. As professional psychics, we hear these questions and concerns all the time.

There are many misconceptions about what a psychic is, what a psychic does and what a psychic can do for you. Teachings relating to the spiritual realms are not usually included in our basic education. This is why it is so easy for fraudulent practitioners to get away with a scam. Anyone who predicts an absolute "set in stone" future - fortune-tellers - is a scam artist. Real psychics are people with highly developed spiritual gifts who use them to help others become more aware of what is going on in their life physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Let's start with a few of the basics. The word psychic, in the context we use it here at Psychic Revelation, is used to describe a person (or reader) who has the extraordinary ability to perceive and be affected by non-physical (spiritual) energies. Although most people have this ability to some degree, a professional psychic has developed an acute sensitivity to these energies.

Most people expect a psychic reading to foretell the future. It can do and does. To an extent. The future is not set in stone. We all have free will. You do, and so does any other person (or persons) who may be directly or indirectly involved in your reading. Any psychic that tells you that "this, that or the other" will definitely happen - no matter what - is scamming you.

Seeing into the future is actually a small part of the work of a psychic and they do not "tell the future" in the sense most people assume. A genuine psychic will tell you the "now" and provide you with information about how your "now" is shaping your future. Based on the "now" and what you are likely to do (or not do) a psychic reading can predict a high probability outcome in the future.

The whole point in getting a reading is to gain knowledge that will help you shape your own future and to be in charge of your own destiny.

There are many types of psychic. Different psychics work in different ways. Some will use various forms of tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals or gem stones, I-ching coins, runes, tea leaves, pendulums etc. Some may not use any tools at all. The tools used by a psychic are purely a matter of personal preference.

The potential quality of a reading should not be judged by the tools used. The ability to accurately receive and interpret information is of paramount importance, not the method used.