Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 10 Of Cups Reversed

10 Of Cups Reversed
Introduction: The reversed 10 of Cups is another card full of promise and joy. This card points to happiness in general, but also carries the warning not to overlook the happiness already in your life in a quest for some elusive "perfect future." Live for today.

General: Even with the implication that you may be overlooking some important cause for happiness which is right under your nose, this is still a good card to see; regardless of the question.

Work: The reversed 10 of Cups says that although you may not have every element that you would like, or think you deserve, in your work, that in general you are appreciated and that things are basically pretty good. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. If you're looking for work, stay upbeat and present yourself as a cheerful, interesting person to be around. That will help you to stand out.

Love: If you are already in a romantic relationship when you receive the 10 of Cups reversed, you may be spending far too much time questioning it and dreaming about "the one that got away." Pay attention to the here-and-now. The thing about fantasy partners is that they are perfect. Don't ruin a perfectly decent relationship unless you don't have any feeling whatsoever for your current partner. If looking for love, this card reminds you that everyone is an individual; don't hold up new potential partners to impossibly high standards.


Finances: As with the upright 10 of Cups, the reversed 10 shows that money seems unlikely to be a problem (or at least not for long) when this card appears. The reversal reminds you though that gratitude for what you do have (rather than bemoaning what you do not have) is a large part of increasing your financial resources. Give thanks. Help others when you can.

Health: When you pull the reversed 10 of Cups it's a reminder that in this day and age we must all guard against holding ourselves up to impossible standards. No one stays young forever, everyone's physical strength wanes slightly given enough years, and so on. However, this is no excuse to ignore the part that any of us plays in our own health. Are you truly doing all that you can to support your health? Assess.

Spirituality: Focus on and give thanks for the many blessings in your life. Destroy the habit of comparing yourself to others. Comparisons between people are always "apples to oranges." This reversed 10 of Cups reminds us, at every moment, to stay in the "now" and to seize the day. No matter what your circumstances, you will always have something to be grateful for, and to build on. Start there.


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