Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 9 Of Cups Reversed

9 Of Cups Reversed
Introduction: The 9 of Cups, whether reversed or upright, is one of the most uplifting and pleasant cards to receive in a reading. Known often as the "wish card" it can mean that what you are hoping for or dreaming about most is very likely to be yours. The reversal says that the wishes for you will go even deeper; these are not superficial wishes that are at play now. That's a good thing.

General: The reversed 9 of Cups is a signal that things are looking up. Make a point to really stop and think about what it is that you want in your life. You may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly it can come about. Dream.

Work: When you pull the reversed 9, it can signify that you will soon be finding, and feeling, deep fulfillment in your work. There is a lot more loyalty to you there than you would expect. If you're looking for work, this means that you are going to find something much more suitable, much sooner than you would expect. You will feel drawn to the position. Follow your gut, and take it.

Love: Reversed or upright, this card is a very good omen for your love life. Existing relationships are likely to deepen, become sweeter and more meaningful, at very deep levels. If you're single, you are likely to meet someone with whom you can have a deep, very meaningful and real relationship in the next few weeks. Mingle!


Finances: The reversed 9 of cups tells you that rather than only looking at the numbers on your bank balance, you must also consider the quality of your life. If you are healthy, happy, with fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and the community, then you truly are wealthy beyond measure. At the same time, money is likely to be making at least a moderate increase soon when you receive this card.

Health: If when this card appears in the context of a health question, you feel that your health is reasonably good, you are quite correct. However, this is a time that you can take deeper steps, to not only keep the status quo but also to make major improvements to your health. If dealing with a health concern, the reversed 9 is a sign to go deeper; to look at more than the surface nuts-and-bolts of your illness and to consider any spiritual implications which may help to support your health. In general, though, this card is still very positive.

Spirituality: The reversed 9 of cups is a signal to go deeper. Look beyond surface appearances and things that seem like coincidences. What might spirit/the universe/God be trying to tell you? Make a point to deepen - or to begin - your spiritual practice in whatever way you are drawn to do so. There is more to life than meets the eye.


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