Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 4 Of Cups Reversed

4 Of Cups Reversed
Introduction: The reversed 4 of Cups is a card about breaking out of a self-imposed rut. You may know that you're in a rut but not realize that it is a self-imposed one. You can control your own destiny to an extent so it's time to get on with the job. You are about to find yourself getting moving again. That's a good thing.

General: When the 4 of Cups reversed appears, this is a time to begin to get moving. This is not the time to be pitying yourself or giving in to the "if only's." Start where you are, and know that no matter what is happening, you can make a difference. Count your blessings.

Work: You may finally be getting the get-up-and go to get yourself out of an unhappy work situation. Good for you - you don't need to do anything precipitate but if you look around you there will be opportunities for you to take. You can take your own life by the horns. Believe in yourself.

Love: You may finally be ready to move beyond the ghosts of your past and toward a brighter, happier love life in the future. Spend time thinking about what and who you really and truly need in your life. Look forward, not back.


Finances: If you look carefully around you, you will see opportunities that you hadn't noticed before. Take some time to explore them. Your motivation should be higher than ever to get things good and make money. You can do it. Follow through.

Health: When you receive the reversed 4 of Cups in relation to health and fitness, it's saying that this is an excellent time to make some positive changes to your health care routine. Consider whether you need more exercise, better diet, or both. You can also bring yourself to see a practitioner now if you have been putting off needed check ups.

Spirituality: The reversed 4 tells you that you are breaking out of a rut and that's a very good thing. Stay positive, explore new ways of learning about and caring for your spirit, pay attention to speakers and writers with a spiritual message, then see what it means to you personally. You don't have to tend to your spiritual life like everyone else does.


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