Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 5 Of Cups Reversed

5 Of Cups Reversed
Introduction: The 5 of Cups reversed can indicate that new prospects and new projects are about to come into your life. It's a time to be hopeful and to reach out to others if you are in need of something - whether that need is for work, attention, concern, or anything else. Have faith in yourself and faith that your needs can be met.

General: When you pull the reversed 5 of Cups, you may have just been through a difficult time. The good news is that your recovery seems to be moving along well. Keep moving, don't get "stuck" in things that are already over and done with.

Work: Although things may have been tough with regard to work lately, you are beginning to figure out that the only person you can truly control or effect in the situation is yourself. Think positively, and consider what is truly right for you. Keep a great attitude and be civil. That and the best work you can produce is all they have a right to expect.

Love: With the reversed 5 of Cups, you are beginning to realize that you can have a happy and meaningful love relationship, period; you do not have to accept abuse or trying to twist yourself into a pretzel to make something work with an unsuitable partner. If you're not yet feeling this way, you soon will be. Trust your instincts.


Finances: The reversed 5 reminds you to make a point to count your blessings and to be grateful for what you already have. Again, you are moving into a period where you are more in touch with who you really are and what you are really capable of "bringing to the table" in order to bring more prosperity into your life. Think positive, and cultivate your self esteem.

Health: As with the upright five in this context, It's critical that you keep a positive attitude. If you just "can't get over" what someone "did to you" or what happened in your past, now is the time to get help in resolving these issues, before you cause yourself serious damage/pain by dwelling on your past. Forgiving other people is not for their benefit; it's for your own.

Spirituality: You are ready for a fresh spiritual start and you are likely to be feeling renewed very soon, if you are not sensing this already. Make a point to bring in new, and different information on spirituality which intrigues you. You can do this through meeting new people, obtaining information on different faith traditions, or even reading philosophy. allow yourself to have some "new information" to chew over.


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