Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 6 Of Swords

6 Of Swords
Introduction: When the 6 of Swords appears, this is a great time for travel of any sort. It also can indicate metaphorical movement, a change in where you are inwardly. Usually this is a change for the better, whether the context is internal or external. Think about where you want to be.

General: Generally the 6 shows at least a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things may not be perfect, but they are going to be better than they may have been in the recent past. Take this time to get your head above water and decide where you're going from here. Even a short break or change of scenery will be helpful. This doesn't have to cost money.

Work: You may make the decision or be in the process of leaving a job that no longer works for you. Trust that the universe is taking you to where you want to be, and that all this is happening for a reason. Don't hesitate to ask for help or to seek new information as you are getting your bearings in your new environment. The 6 can also point to a literal change in the place where you do business. This is a good thing.

Love: In the context of love, the 6 of Swords can depict the need for a change of scenery. If you are already in a relationship, take your beloved on a trip, even if it's just down the street for a picnic or something of the sort. If you're looking for love, this card points to a need to get out of your routines and your usual haunts if you want to meet someone new. Explore.


Finances: The appearance of the 6 of Swords can literally mean that your financial tide is turning; for the better if you've been struggling, or for the worse, if you've been "riding high" for some time. If it's the former, you might treat yourself to something small but don't get carried away, use your influx of money wisely. If it's the latter, batten down the hatches. Now is not the time to gamble, in either situation.

Health: If you are dealing with a health problem, your usual health care practitioner may not be the best one to help you. If you can do so, look into clinics and treatment outside your local area. Barring a serious health problem, this card can show that what you truly need most of all is a vacation or a change of scenery. Find a way to give this to yourself, even if the only way you can do it is just by talking to people you've never talked to before.

Spirituality: Some spiritual answers that have eluded you for some time may come in to your awareness suddenly. This is sometimes tied to a change in routine; travel, or experimenting with different spiritual traditions. Pay attention to your dreams. They often show you things you miss during your waking hours.


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