Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 6 Of Swords Reversed

6 Of Swords Reversed
Introduction: When the 6 of Swords reversed appears, you may be ready to speak out about things you feel strongly about. However, communication in general can be difficult now. Think before you speak. Make sure important information on your computer is backed up very well now.

General: Generally the reversed 6 of Swords shows that you may well make some new discoveries and decisions; and you may have some important information that you wish to share. However, the way in which you communicate is at least as important as what it is that you have to say. Think carefully about what you need to "get across."

Work: This is an energy under which simple mistakes can cause major problems at work. Be especially careful with important documents and correspondence; make sure your work is backed up and carefully stored. If you are looking for work, you may feel as though you are "on your own," in your quest. That's not such a bad thing - allow yourself to look for work in places no one else might suggest or consider.

Love: In the context of love, the 6 of Swords reversed can show that you are about to confront some necessary issues in order for your relationship to move forward. This does not have to involve fights or arguments, if you communicate calmly and well. This is not a time to hold things in, however, again, think before you start spouting things off. You could cause enormous damage if you are not thoughtful about how you "speak your piece."


Finances: This card can indicate that you're feeling a bit at a loss when it comes to finances. You may not feel that you have enough money to meet your needs, and you may not know where to begin in order to get these needs met. Don't be too proud to reach out and ask around, if you need to make more money. This is not a time to make risky investments; watch where you put your trust.

Health: With the reversed 6 of Swords, something in your life may be out of balance, and this can be causing health challenges. Give some thought to where this imbalance may lie. Are you eating too much? Not enough? Not getting enough exercise? Correct the imbalance and you'll find yourself feeling better, perhaps more so than you have for years.

Spirituality: You may feel overwhelmed spiritually when the 6 of Swords appears. Everything and nothing may seem to make sense to you spiritually, all at the same time. The answer to this is to relax and empty your mind, rather than trying to grasp onto one "answer." In time, you will realize the direction that you need to go. For now, give yourself some peace. Everything that grows does so in stages, not all at once.


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